2-day training course in Cape Verde

CERMI, Cape Verde, 4-5 December 2019

After having run a training course for their Partners in Cape Verde at the beginning of 2019, FF Solar ended the year with another training on the islands in the Atlantic Ocean in December 2019.

With 5-7 hours of sunshine, Cape Verde is an ideal place to demonstrate and use water pumps powered by solar energy.

In 2 days, FF Solar led through an intense course with information on several training modules like Pump and Solar Basics, Working with LORENTZ, PS2 and PSk2 product families, the application PumpScanner, remote monitoring with pumpMANAGER and much more.

Special thanks to our long-term Partner FF Solar for their steady support!


Training courses held by LORENTZ or LORENTZ Partners are open to everyone who wants to work with LORENTZ and become a local reseller. Your last participation was a long time ago? Refresh your knowledge and attend a course a second time!

Contact a partner in your country or LORENTZ for more information about upcoming courses in your area.

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