Wide range of pumps

PS2 has a wide range of submersible and surface pump systems available to meet your water needs. Submersible pumps are available that can pump from 450u2009m (1500u2009ft) depths and surface pumps available for flows of up to 60u2009mu00b3/h (265u2009US Gal./min).

Monitoring and management

All PS2 systems have inbuilt data logging and a simple management interface. All systems can also be remotely monitored and managed remotely along with any other LORENTZ systems you have via our pumpMANAGER service.

Power source

Solar power is the primary PS2 power source, in almost all cases the water requirements can be met with a well designed solar system and water storage. When needed PS2 can also be powered by the grid or a generator.

PS2 controller

The controller is at the heart of the system, managing both system operations, analysing inputs and constantly optimizing the system for maximum water output.

Water storage

Introducing water storage to a solar water pumping system allows for increased seasonal demands to be met, or simply for overnight water availability without a generator or grid power.

Distribution network

LORENTZ solar water pumping systems are used for drinking water, irrigation and swimming pools. Whatever the PS2 pump is connected to the system will optimize water delivery depending on the power available and inputs from the various sensors.