Our vision is simply — Sun, Water, Life.

As a company we want to provide
the best products and services to the world,
which make use of the power of the sun,
to move water and sustain life.


The Solar Water Pumping Company

Why are we “The Solar Water Pumping Company”?

Track record

LORENTZ has been building solar water pumping systems since 1995. We have had a 100% focus on this business segment since 2000. We have hundreds of thousands of pumps in service across the world

Focus and expertise

We have no distractions — just a focus on designing and manufacturing high quality, long life products for off grid environments that meet the needs of the market. From mechanical design, through electronics, software and manufacturing our team only designs and builds solar water pumps.

Complete portfolio

We offer solar pumps for almost any application with all of the necessary accessories. All of our products from 100W to 100kW are configured and supported in the same way, making LORENTZ the partner of choice.


Through our dedicated partner network we are present in more than 130 countries. We support our partners in delivering the best service to end customers supported by industry leading information, software and processes.

Our mission is clear

We want wide recognition that we are “The Solar Water Pumping Company” and for LORENTZ to be synonymous with high quality, well designed products and solutions across the world.

  • Design and manufacture products that hit our primary criteria of efficient, durable, long life while making them accessible to the widest audience possible
  • Support our partner network to make doing business easy and to ensure end customers are well served