Epicenter held a workshop in South Sudan

28 March 2019, Palm Africa Hotel, Juba, South Sudan

LORENTZ PSSP Epicenter has run a workshop and training day for NGOs in Juba, South Sudan.

Epicenter shared information of the latest developments in solar water pumping with a focus on how this can benefit the NGO community.

The workshop focused on the following main topics:

Two case studies were presented during the event. One of them was the Dadaab case study which was used to explain how solar water pumps can be used in refugee camps. Among the participants was a gentleman working with CARE International in Dadaab who shared his experience of solar powered systems vs diesel powered systems and the major operational savings.

An installation of a solar system in Bentiu, South Sudan, served as an example to demonstrate fuel savings from power blending by using a SmartPSUk2 and benefits of remote switching based on water demand by using the remote monitoring service pumpMANAGER.

Due to the high interest in this workshop, Epicenter is planning to run such an event annually.

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