Joint event of LORENTZ and PSSP Electrosol Puno in Peru

Puno, Peru, 31 March 2017

The well attended joint event of LORENTZ and Electrosol Puno included presentations on solar water pumping as well as reports from two end customers who – despite initial concerns – installed LORENTZ solar water pumps and were very pleased with their systems and the results afterwards.

Electrosol Puno invited potential customers, among them mayors from different Peruvian districts, cities and villages, to attend the presentations on solar water pumping.

After the presentations, two customers shared their positive experiences with solar water pumps.

One of them was a mayor of a community of about 2000 people. The existing diesel pump failed to achieve the necessary head and therefore could not provide the required amount of water. More fuel did not help but even reduced the water flow. After the installation of a LORENTZ solar pump, drinking water was provided reliably at no operating costs and the costs for fuel could be saved.

Another customer first used a conventional pump with VFD which failed after only one year in use. At the beginning, he was not convinced of a solar solution because he did not believe that the much smaller LORENTZ PS150 C-SJ5-8 was able to deliver the required amount of water.
Now that the pump is running for several years without any problems and is providing the necessary amount of water, the customer has no doubts anymore and is very satisfied with his solar water pump.

All participants were very impressed by these two testimonials and expressed their interest in raising a lot of detailed questions. The message of solar water pumping spread very quickly and our partner Electrosol Puno received many more enquiries than usual.

We congratulate Electrosol Puno on this successful event!

Electrosol Puno, Peru
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