Solar Irrigation Systems

Solar water pumping systems are a perfect match for irrigation – a solar irrigation pump solution for remote locations where more sun increased the demand for water.

Solar Irrigation Pumps

Fields from deserts – a solar agricultural water pumping system

LORENTZ solar pumping systems can be used to transform unused land into productive farms or to improve the yields from existing crops. Bringing water to locations that do not have any existing infrastructure is improving food security and generating significant income for farmers and communities around the world.

Irrigate anywhere

The unavailability of grid power or the high costs of using diesel engines to provide irrigation means that good land is not used to its fully capability. A LORENTZ solar water pumping system combined with your preferred irrigation system and some smart planning can deliver water wherever you need it.

Work with what you have

If you already have an irrigation system in place, then the LORENTZ range of solar pumping systems can work with what you have. Drip, sprinkler, pivot or flood irrigation methods can be supported and integrate well to LORENTZ pumps. Our pumps can produce very high flows and high pressures , even offering features such as constant pressure and flow. The change to solar power means you can lower your operating costs.

Choose your LORENTZ solar powered water pump system for your irrigation project

With our solar pump systems you can consider any irrigation project a candidate for solar.


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