LORENTZ Sales and Service Partner Turn Key Project at Agricultural Fair

Novi Sad, Serbia, 13-19 May 2017

LORENTZ Sales and Service Partner Turn Key Project will be showing LORENTZ products at the Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, Serbia, from 13-19 May 2017.

About Agricultural Fair

The Fair welcomed its first foreign exhibitors eighty years ago, namely, Bulgarians who had come to present their poultry. 60 years ago, in 1957, it became recognized as an international and common Yugoslavfair. There has been a marked increase in the number of foreign exhibitors over the last several years, which reaffirms the fact that a significant event of the Novi Sad Fair and a large agricultural business happening in this part of Europe is a place where supply and demand, as well as domestic and foreign companies meet.

Visit Turn Key Project at their booth close to the main entrance between hall 1 and hall 2.


Turn Key Project

Agricultural Fair


Agricultural Fair, Serbia, Turn Key Project
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