Water supply for Chok Na Sam temple and school in Thailand

Chok Na Sam, Thailand, December 2017

LORENTZ Channel Manager Markus Schulz donated a PS1800 C-SJ5-12 system to the village temple and school in Chok Na Sam, Thailand, which provides 30m3 of water per day.

The installation was performed by Markus Schulz and WaterTech Prasat, LORENTZ Sales and Service Partner in Thailand.

An electric AC pump has been installed previously in the village but it was too expensive to operate. The recently installed solar system is powered by an 840 W solar generator and designed to fill 4 tanks. It was installed in a 40 years old government well (23 m deep) and replaced the broken hand pump.

With the installation of this pump system, the first of four school buildings could be supplied with water. More than 430 students go to that school and about 100 already benefit from the installation.

About 15 monks which are permanently living in the temple in Chok Na Sam also benefit from the installation of the solar water pump. They are using the water for their residential area, guest sanitation as well as their gardens with tree plantations and fish ponds. After the installation, the pump was blessed by the monks.

The next plans are to provide water for the second building, the green house and the garden. Furthermore, a small water filtration system is going to be implemented that would allow all children to get drinking water. This would mean that the students would not have to buy water in bottles anymore which are harmful to the environment.

Sales and Service Partner, Thailand, WaterTech Prasat
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