XXVth Peruvian Symposium on Solar Energy

Cajamarca, Peru, 12-16 November 2018

LORENTZ Partners Sunrise Energy, Futuro Energy, Qomir and Electrosol Puno will be present at the XXVth Peruvian Symposium on Solar Energy in Cajamarca, Peru, from 12-16 November 2018 where progress in renewable technologies of the year 2018 will be shown.

LORENTZ Channel Manager Katia Lovón will hold a conference on „LORENTZ technological innovation in solar water pumping“.

Solar water pumping systems will be presented with a special focus on applications for irrigation.

Visit our partners on this occasion and learn more about LORENTZ products.

About the symposium

During five days, the event will bring together outstanding speakers from the national and international technical and scientific community, scholars and researchers linked to universities, research centers, businessmen, students and representatives of governmental and nongovernmental organizations as well as stakeholders who have carried out research in the areas of renewable energies and environment.


XXVth Peruvian Symposium on Solar Energy (in Spanish language)


Electrosol Puno




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