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LORENTZ – Business continuity update

Let’s keep the water flowing

While many people around the world are in some form of lock down our partners are there to provide an essential service to their respective communities. Even with threats as big as the current COVID-19 pandemic, keeping the water supply to people, livestock and crops is a service that is more important.

In these difficult times people may have increasing needs for water. With broken supply chains we are seeing an increased need for local food production. Farmers are being asked to increase their local food production to meet requirements as the timescales of the epidemic start to become clearer.

We want to make sure that LORENTZ are here to support our partners with both product supply and support. LORENTZ is fortunate in that we have a very diverse and loyal global partner network. Our stocking capacity in LORENTZ warehouses on 3 continents and our partner warehouses in >100 countries allows us to continue to do business effectively at this time.

Our supply chain is looking strong and we can produce all products lines without disruption. This capacity has been built over many years where through different smaller crises we have built in diversification.

We have also taken a decision to further increase our stocks of components to allow a larger production buffer in the factory. While this is against best financial management practices, we want to continue to support our customers through any potential future close downs.

Many other manufacturers in Europe and Americas are not in such a position. Supply chains for components from China have been almost zero for the past 3 months. The sea freight time has masked this somewhat and the impact was just being felt before the spread of COVID-19 globally. With the shutdown of manufacturing plants in Europe, Americas and now India many manufacturing companies will take a long time to get back to normal. They can realistically expect 6 months of disruption.

We are in a very strong position to keep production going and the water flowing at this difficult time.

Please stay safe!

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