Solar water pumping systems for 11 villages in Iraq

Kurdistan, Iraq, January/February 2020

LORENTZ Sales and Service Partner Blue Ray Energy installed 11 PS2 and PSk2 submersible pump systems with a head from 84 to 180 meter and a flow from 27 to 160 m3 per day in different communities in Kurdistan, Iraq. Solar generators with 12 up to 54 modules power the pumps.

All 11 pump systems have been installed very professionally with all necessary accessories to allow for a long lifetime. To ensure that water is flowing, the systems are remotely monitored. This means you can check through the internet from e.g. your office that the pump systems are running and provide water.

Additionally, some systems have a SmartPSUk2 installed next to the controller. With these devices, power from the grid or a generator can be blended with solar energy to run the pump. If there is not enough solar energy to run the pump system, the controller automatically activates the SmartPSUk2 to blend in power from an alternative source.

Congratulations to Blue Ray Energy on this great job!

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