PumpScanner is now available in the Google Play store

LORENTZ PumpScanner App allows our partners and customers to work with all LORENTZ solar pumps in a simple and consistent manner. Not only does it add value to their business but is also a great selling feature: it allows all LORENTZ customers to monitor their own systems and access advanced features all in a controlled way.

PumpScanner is now available in the Google Play Store making it easier to access for our partners and their customers, it can be directly downloaded on any smartphone or tablet with Android 4.3 or higher.

Our partners and customers can simply type in “lorentz pumpscanner” into the Google Play, click on download and enjoy the benefits of PumpScanner that are:

For our partners:

  • Simple system configuration with a couple of presses on a smart device
  • Access to advanced features such as pressure and level control
  • Realtime and stored data access so they know what the pump is doing now and what it has been doing
  • Reduced fault finding time and costs

For our customers PumpScanner provides:

  • Friendly, attractive, customisable dashboard
  • Simple access to information such as water pumped, energy saved and cost savings
  • Access to timers and speed control to help them manage water resources


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