Water solutions for developing countries – Uganda

Seminar, workshops and training

With more than 1 million people coming from neighbouring countries, Uganda is facing a major challenge to supply water and food sustainably to the refugees. Since reliability, resilience and energy autonomy are considered paramount, solar pumps have become the go-to solution.

As the World Bank puts it: “It’s becoming increasingly evident that solar is simply better.” Therefore, LORENTZ combined the efforts with NGO and GO experts and organised solar pumping workshops in Kampala, Uganda in June in order to introduce the governmental and non-governmental representatives to using solar pumps for drinking water supply and irrigation. Over 100 participants had a chance to learn about wide area water supply, water payment solutions, sustainable irrigation and scaling projects to reach mass markets.

A key concern of the involved agencies is responsible management of the scarce water resources in the region. LORENTZ solar wells have been equipped with aquifer water level sensing and remote control to address this challenge. Pressure sensors detect leakages in the pipe system and the flow meters detect current and daily flow.

A majority of systems are run hybrid with the possibility to switch on diesel back-up generators any time during peak-demand periods or during the night. Check out some of the successful LORENTZ systems installed in Uganda.

A special thanks to the local LORENTZ partners Draco, Davis & Shirtliff and Adritex, who did a great job setting up the demo pump systems and organizing the event.



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