Reliable, safe and affordable drinking water for Harare, Zimbabwe

New case study available

Like many communities in Zimbabwe, the suburb Budiriro in Harare has faced significant challenges related to adequate drinking water. With support from LORENTZ Partner Western Solar, UNICEF has partnered with United Nations Development Programme – UNDP and Oxfam to build a water kiosk in order to supply safe and clean drinking water for the community.

LORENTZ equipment including 4 smartTAP Water Dispensers have been chosen as part of this solution as a way for the water to be delivered to the community. The smartTAPs serve as an off-grid water dispensing and management system which enables revenue collection, water entitlement and sustainable water provision.

Congratulations to LORENTZ Partners Western Solar for supporting this project and to KGE Solar in South Africa who have supported with supply and technical assistance!

Learn more about this project in a recently published case study.

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