First PSk2 installation in Cape Verde

Sao Felipe, Fogo, Cape Verde, 17 March 2018

The Cape Verdian Island Fogo is volcanic and known for its hot and dry climate. Population and Tourism are growing as well as the demand of drinking water. Water distribution, especially to the interior of the island, is a challenge due to the high mountains.

On 17 March 2018, LORENTZ Sales and Service Partner GTEK professionally installed the first LORENTZ PSk2-40 C-SJ19-42 in Sao Filipe, Cape Verde, in the presence of the customer Aguabrava, the local water supplier, LORENTZ Distribution Partner FF Solar and LORENTZ Channel Manager Katia Lovón.

As soon as water was flowing over the dusty ground, some cows nearby came running and were the first to benefit from the LORENTZ solar pumping system and satisfied their thirst.

The system is powered by a 41 kWp solar generator, consisting of 8 series of 19 solar modules and pumps from a borehole at a TDH of 190 m to a 300 m³ water tank. More than 190 m³ of water are pumped per day. As the water necessity in the future is expected to grow, the system was concipated as a hybrid system and will achieve the desired total output of 230 m³ per day by combining solar energy with energy from the grid.

The LORENTZ solar pumping system will supply drinking water for a community. Financed by LuxDev (Luxembourg Agency for Development Cooperation), this project will considerably improve the living conditions of thousands of people.

Congratulations to the GTEK installation team on their excellent job!


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