LORENTZ Training Course in Cape Verde

CERMI, Praia, Cape Verde, 20-22 March 2018

LORENTZ and FF Solar, Distribution Partner in Portugal, have run the first official LORENTZ training course at CERMI (Center of Renewable Energy and Industrial Maintenance) in Praia, Cape Verde. The training was held by Sebastian Sennewald, FF Solar and LORENTZ Channel Manager Katia Lovón.

The CERMI, a completely self sufficient sustainable private Education Centre for Renewable Energy Technologies, whose construction was financed by LuxDev (Luxembourg Agency for Development Corporation), kindly offered one of their training rooms.

LORENTZ and FF Solar donated a complete and fully equipped demonstration unit to the CERMI Institute for future research and education of their students.

Among the participants were LORENTZ Sales and Service Partners of all Cape Verdian islands, therefore, the level of experience in the field of solar water pumping was quite high.

During the 3 days of training, the participants extended their knowledge and learned in detail how to size solar water pumping systems and to perform professional installations and troubleshooting in order to ensure a high-level support on all Cape Verdian Islands.

About 40 solar pumping systems are currently in operation, mainly for the challenging drinking water supply due to extremely high heads caused by the vulcanic mountains in the interior of most islands.

We thank all participants for their exceptional attention and dedication and are very pleased that their certification will contribute to represent LORENTZ on a highly professional level in Cape Verde.

FF Solar

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